15,000 new cases of Covid-19 in 24 hours in Florida, a record for a US state

Florida has recorded 15,299 new cases of coronavirus and 45 deaths in 24 hours, according to figures released on Sunday, a level never before reached in the United States. Despite this sad record, the Disney World theme park in Orlando opened this weekend and skeptics are organizing “Covid parties” claiming the pandemic is just a political hoax.

A sad record for Florida. Approximately 15,299 new cases of Covid-19 were recorded in 24 hours in the third most populous US state. Total published by the Florida Department of Health on Sunday represents nearly half an increase (47%) compared to the number of new cases noted during the previous day. The condition in the extreme southeastern country also saw 45 new deaths linked to the coronavirus in 24 hours and 514 more deaths in one week.

In five days, Florida recorded 55,842 positive cases. So far, the record for 24-hour new cases in a state in California, with 11,694 people announced Wednesday, followed by New York State, with 11,571 people positive for the virus on April 14.


Disney World controversial reopening

The Ministry of Health says that the state is doing everything to fight the virus, but there is no question of limiting the population. “I don’t think we should limit, at least not in most places,” said Brett Giroir, the United States Deputy Health Secretary at NBC News. “Of course it would be a solution to close everything, but it is not necessary.”

The outbreak has coincided with the opening to the public on Saturday in part of Disney World theme park in Florida. Hundreds of people queued to go to Magic Kingdom, one of the two spaces to welcome the public with Animal Kingdom, after four months of closure. The systematic temperature take-up at the entrance, the wearing of the compulsory mask, the well-being of hydroalcoholic gel dispensers and the minimum distance of two meters in each attraction or inside the stores have been implemented.

But these precautions were not enough in the eyes of American scientists. “The initiative has angered American researchers, but it illustrates the American paradox of the moment: save lives or save the economy,” commented Matthieu Mabin, a correspondent for France 24 in Washington.

Controversy over deconfinance

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis had decided to begin phasing out containment as early as May 4, before most states in the country. The director of the American Institute of Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci, said on Thursday that Florida had come out of confinement before all public health indicators were justified.

Ron DeSantis disputed that diagnosis, saying his decision was based on pollution figures from that time. But in late June, the governor went back and ordered the bars to be closed in an attempt to limit the spread of the virus. He has so far refused to wear the mask mandatory in Florida and says the decision was up to local communities.

Many skeptics of Covid-19 and anti-mask activists remain in the United States, the country hardest hit by the epidemic in the world. This weekend, the Americans were marked by two events: Donald Trump’s fate, for the first time, a mask on his face, and the death of the thirties, who died of Covid-19. “He had participated in a ‘Covid party’, one of those parties which gathered skeptics and which aims to show that Covid-19 is only a global political hoax,” details Matthieu Mabin.

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