curator Duda was re-elected according to official results

Poland’s Conservative President Andrzej Duda topped the second round of Sunday’s presidential election according to almost complete official results. He was slightly ahead of pro-European liberal Rafal Trzaskowski with 51.2% of the vote, after counting 99.7% of the vote.

The outgoing head of state Andrzej Duda tops the presidential election in Poland with 51.2% of the votes in the second round, the results from almost all polling stations show on Monday. These results are based on 99.97% of the votes and the head of the nomination committee said during a press conference that the counting of the last votes would not change the result of the vote.

Andrzej Duda narrowly narrowed down ahead of Warsaw Mayor Rafal Trzaskowski, liberal and Europhile candidate for the Civic Platform (PO), the main opposition party, which won 48.8% of the vote in the second round organized on Sunday.

“These results are not official because Polish law does not allow the Election Commission to give them until all the votes have been verified and cross-verified,” said Gulliver Cragg, France’s correspondent 24 in Warsaw, who said that about 120,000 police officers from abroad are missing from the bill.

Continuation of the ultra-conservative PiS program

This short victory, during this very high turnout for Poland (67.9%), will enable the Law and Justice Party (PiS) to continue implementing its Conservative program. “AndrzejDuda is loyal to the party and is likely to sign all the laws that PiS puts on its desk,” Gulliver Cragg said.

In power since 2015, PiS, led by Jaroslaw Kaczynski, is engaged in a deep recovery of the Polish system, including the government’s takeover of the judiciary and public media. He is now likely to want to extend control to private media. “PiSne leaders are clearly not happy that they have simply taken control of the public media and turned them into campaign media in favor of AndrzejDuda. They believe that the criticism from the private media, partly funded by foreign subsidies, is not acceptable,” he said. journalist.

AndrzejDuda carried out a polarizing campaign, especially attacks the rights of LGBT people and reject the idea of ​​compensation for Jewish property stolen by the Nazis and under the communist regime His deterrent accuses him of reversing the democratic freedoms acquired three decades ago in the fall of communism.

With AFP and Reuters