Greek islands are still waiting for tourists

The tourist seizure resumed on June 15 in Greece after the health crisis linked to Covid-19, with the opening of borders. But holidaymakers are still waiting. A dramatic situation for the inhabitants, who mainly live off tourism.

Greek islands are desperately waiting for tourists. The tourist season has started since June 15 with the opening of borders but holidaymakers are not there. Although the country regrets only 193 coronavirus victims of 11 million inhabitants, Greece is still a victim of security pandemic.

In Kos, a stone’s throw from Rhodes, a resident of two works in tourism. However, the sector has seen a staggering fall of more than 70%. Between the reduction of air connections and the barrier measures, most hotels remain closed during the season.

A drama for the waitress Valentini Troumouzi, who suddenly finds herself unemployed. “Here is the sun and the sea, but it does not feed us.” The Greek state grants EUR 534 for seasonal unemployed workers, but this sum is no longer sufficient.

The situation becomes dramatic for the residents. Poverty and hunger threaten the country. Last week in Rhodes, a malnourished little girl was killed by starvation.