Jean-Rémy Ogoula Latif: “African artists and dancers are resilient”

Our guest this week is Jean-Rémy Ogoula Latif, artistic director of “African Creativity of Excellence” (CAECulture Prod). He is a key player in the dance and show scene in Gabon and talks about the projects and the challenges that must be met in the field of dance and choreography in Africa. He also participated in WAN Dance, an event that brings together nearly 200 dancers and choreographers from the continent and the diaspora, from young talent to recognized artists.

In summary: in Kenya, the rise of teenage pregnancies is worrying the authorities and NGOs. With containment measures and school closures due to the coronavirus, many young people have been left on their own. Thousands of school girls have become pregnant since the health crisis began. Many have been abused or forced into prostitution to live.

We also take you to Tunisia to meet a craftsman who revives the extraction of purple. A natural tincture from sea snails, 4000 years old and inherited from the Phoenicians. Today, this pigment is produced by only a few people in the world and sells for between 800 and 3500 €.