Manchester United – Southampton (2-2), stop for MU

While he had the opportunity to climb to the top three, United were hooked by Southampton. Legalization has been allowed on the cable.

Man United planned to extend their good line in the English league on Monday by dominating Southampton. The locals won, but lost two points just before the final whistle. A corner kick that suffered in the last minutes was fatal and deprived them of a fifth success in a row

The Red Devils missed their start in this game, but they managed to remember afterwards and all argued for a new victory. But Paul Pogba and others failed to take protection and they paid him a high price. Michael Obafemi cooled them to 96th victory.

Under the eyes of Sir Alex Ferguson, who came to attend the meeting in an empty Old Trafford, the Mancunians must first run behind the points. After 12 minutes, Stuart Armstrong came on for Paul Pogba. There was a time when such a turning point saw the legs of the red devil. But this MU knows how to react. And above all, he does not know the doubt.

The French in the spotlight

Barely eight minutes after the opponents’ points were opened, parity was restored. Marcus Rashford put his people back on track by choosing an Anthony Martial Center. Unlucky in goal in the 10th, with a face-to-face failure against the opposing doorman, the latter turned into a goal scorer by converting his second chance. On the 23rd, the former Monegasque found the lack of a powerful strike after making a difference in the area.

It was 2-1 and it is an advantage that MU had the bad idea to settle for. Paul Pogba especially harvested a 3-1 ball in the 28th, while Rashford narrowly missed the double in the 56th. Southampton side, it was just a warning before 2-2, but it was significant. In the 86’s, a fantastic shot from Nathan Redmond took the lead, but David De Gea relaxed all the way to neutralize the danger.

In the end, Manchester United must therefore share points. A draw that keeps them out of the top 4. Even if nothing is lost against a qualifier for the Champions League, this parity point will probably leave many regrets during the final count of the season.