Mexico will be the fourth country most affected by Covid-19, ahead of Italy

With 299,750 cases of pollution and more than 35,000 deaths, Mexico became the fourth country with the most deaths from Covid-19 on the Sunday before Italy. The WHO warns of the continued spread of the virus, which has affected more than 13 million people worldwide and killed more than 565,000 in seven months.

Mexico on Sunday, July 12, became the fourth country with the most deaths from Covid-19, ahead of Italy, according to a report prepared by AFP according to government sources. The United States tops the list of the most inherited countries on the planet with more than 135,000 deaths, followed by Brazil and the United Kingdom.

“There are 299,750 confirmed cases of pollution and 35,006 deaths in Mexico,” Mexican health officials said on Twitter. Mexico has registered 4,482 new cases and 276 more deaths in the last 24 hours, the source said. Italy on Sunday registered 34,954 coronavirus deaths

On June 1, Mexico started 127 million residents, who are still trying to revive their economy in this country, the way to a “new normal” with the gradual resumption of unnecessary economic activity. However, the authorities remain wary as the epidemic continues to rage around the world.

WHO registers 230000 new cases in 24 hours

On Sunday, the World Health Organization (WHO) registered 230,370 new cases of coronavirus worldwide in 24 hours, which is a record. The largest increases were seen in the United States, Brazil, India and South Africa, according to the UN daily report.

The number of cases of coronavirus in the world on Sunday approached 13 million in 196 countries and territories since the beginning of the epidemic, of which at least 68.11,600 people today were considered cured. The epidemic has killed more than 565,000 people on the planet in seven months.

However, this number of diagnosed cases reflects only a fraction of the actual number of infections. Some countries test only severe cases, others use testing as a priority for tracking, and many poor countries have only limited screening capacity.

With AFP and Reuters