The case in Mali, the son of President Keïta, remains a key position

Conspired by the Malian protesters, the son of Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta, Karim Keïta, resigned from the presidency of the Parliamentary Defense Commission on Monday night, saying he no longer wanted to “be an argument for people in need of a program”.

The son of the Malian president, one of the public figures to whom the ongoing dispute in the country is focused, announced on Monday 13 July that he will resign from the important chairmanship of the parliamentary defense committee.

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The name of Karim Keïta, son of Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta, was one of those chosen as a popular protest in the demonstrations. Since June, these meetings have repeatedly brought together thousands of Malians against power and who degenerated on Friday into an almost uprising in the capital Bamako.

Protesters used pictures of him showing happy holidays abroad with friends and in the company of young, thinly dressed women, in the form of posters, to present him as a character with light manners who could feel good, so that his country suffers.

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Karim Keïta had assured that he had not been responsible for the guest list and that this private trip had not cost the taxpayer anything.

A “surname violation”

In a statement posted on Twitter on Monday, Karim Keïta said that, in the context of the current dispute, “some have made my modest person a political activity, others an override of their unfulfilled ambitions. Nothing will have spared me. “

Karim Keïta, elected deputy in 2013, re-election in 2020, condemns a “surname offense” to mean that his father is targeted at him.

He says he puts “Mali above all else”, but does not want to “be an argument for people who need a program” and therefore resigns from the presidency of the Defense Commission. He is still a Member of Parliament.

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