VIDEO – José Mourinho wants to fight to qualify for the Europa League

The Tottenham coach was more than happy after his team’s victory over Arsenal. This allows Spursen to stay in the race.

More than a victory in the North London derby, Tottenham’s success against rival Arsenal (2-1) has allowed the Spurs to continue dreaming of a European qualification at the end of the season. As a result, José Mourinho could be satisfied on Sunday afternoon. And it did not fail.

“When you can’t compete in the Champions League …”

At a post-match press conference, the Portuguese said he was pleased with this result, allowing his team, eighth in the standings, to point just three points from sixth place. “Now we can fight to the end for a place in the Europa League. Without a win today it would have been really difficult. So I’m very proud of my players”, first said the former Chelsea, Real Madrid or Inter Milan.

Tottenham-Arsenal (2-1) – Spurs throw Gunners

“I thank them for their attitude and their investment. They were very good. I would like to play in the Europa League. It is not a competition I love, but when you can not compete in the Champions League. We compete in the Europa League”, then added José Mourinho. Finalists in the Champions League last season, Spurs unfortunately have much less rosy goals at the end of the year, but we should not expect them to give up.