Atalanta – Afraid of Luis Muriel, victim of a bad fall

The Atalanta striker was in hospital with a bad fall. His condition is not worrying, he will resume training tomorrow.

Unfortunately, Luis Muriel is experiencing a complicated period in recent days. After being the unfortunate protagonist in the action that led the referee in the match between Atalanta Bergamo and Juventus Turin (2-2) to whistle a penalty in favor of the Old Lady, the player was the victim of a bad fall.

While having lunch with his friends, the Colombian striker was actually the victim of an accidental fall at the edge of a pool that caused him severe head trauma with wounds. He was then immediately hospitalized to perform all necessary tests.

“I’ll be back to train with my teammates tomorrow”

If his package for Tuesday night’s match against Brescia is already confirmed, the health condition of the former Fiorentina player is fortunately not worrying, as Atalanta confirmed this on Tuesday via an official statement aimed at reassuring club supporters.

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“Atalanta BC announce that following a domestic accident, player Luis Muriel will not be available for the Atalanta – Brescia match on the 33rd day of Serie A TIM 2019-2020. The player will be available for training, tomorrow 15 July, wrote the Italian club.

During the process, it was Luis Muriel himself who wanted to reassure all fans on social networks. “I’m fine, I’m home. Fortunately, nothing bad has happened. I’m coming to the stadium tonight to cheer on Atalanta and I’ll be back to train with my teammates tomorrow. Thank you for the affection you have shown me during these hours.”, wrote the Colombian. He will therefore be very present against Paris Saint-Germain in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.