Confronted with a resurgence of the Covid-19 pandemic, reworking several countries

Authorities in several countries have decided to re-apply containment measures following a recovery in Covid-19 contamination. France has decided to introduce masking in closed public places from 1 August.

The number of cases of coronavirus contamination registered in the world exceeded, on Monday 13 July, the threshold of 13 million, an increase of one million in just five days. To prevent the tide, the authorities in several countries decided to reconfigure.

Spain: On 12 July, Catalonia’s regional government ordered the entry into its homes of 200,000 inhabitants of Lleida and the surrounding municipalities and brought a balance against the judicial system, which judged this decision “contrary to the law”.

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Portugal: In the Lisbon region, a new home decision was decided since 1 July for 700,000 inhabitants in twenty blocks, for at least two weeks.

United Kingdom: On June 29, the British government reconfigured the city of Leicester and closed unnecessary shops. Wearing the mask is mandatory in all stores in England from 24 July.

United Kingdom: tightening of containment in Leicester following an outbreak of Covid-19 © France 24 screenshot

United Kingdom: tightening of containment in Leicester following an outbreak of Covid-19

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India: The state of Bihar will reconfigure its 125 million inhabitants for two weeks from 16 July. In the south, the 13 million inhabitants of the megalopolis of Bangalore and its region have been reconfigured since Tuesday for ten days.

Philippines: Six weeks after the end of the prison, about 250,000 Manila residents will be housed again for two weeks.

Azerbaijan: The small Caspian country introduced a new strict inclusion of the population from June 22 after a jump in coronavirus infections, to August 1.

Uzbekistan: New containment has existed since 10 July. Restaurants, sports halls, swimming pools and shops without food are closed until 1 August.

United States: On Monday, July 13, the state of California tightened restrictions on businesses, and generalized in particular the closure of bars, restaurants, movie theaters, and zoos to the entire territory.

Argentina: The capital Buenos Aires and its metropolitan area, home to 14 million people and where more than 90% of pollution cases are concentrated, were again placed in strict confinement from 1 to 17 July in an effort to limit the spread of the virus.

Colombia: The city of Bogota, which is the main focus of the country’s pandemic, has strengthened its containment since Monday with “strict quarantines” of areas. Almost 2.5 million people will return home.

French Guiana: On June 25, the prefecture decided to close all bars and restaurants, focus on enclosing about 20 new districts and tighten the curfew. The epidemic continues to spread in this French territory with 290,000 inhabitants bordering Brazil. The peak of the epidemic is not expected until mid-July.

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Australia: Five million people have been confined to her home since July 9 and for six weeks in Melbourne, Australia’s second largest city. The state of Victoria, where Melbourne is located, has closed all its borders to preserve the rest of Australia, which has so far managed to contain the Covid-19 epidemic.

Israel: New restrictions came into force on July 7, such as closing bars and gyms, or limiting the number of people in public places. Some cities and districts that are considered infection centers are subject to stricter restrictions.

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West Bank: The Palestinian Authority extended the decision to close the occupied West Bank on Sunday, July 12, and added that a curfew was imposed.

Madagascar: The capital Antananarivo has been enclosed since July 5. The Analamanga region, of which the capital is a part, is closed to all traffic until 20 July. Only one person per household has the right to go out.

Algeria: On July 9, the authorities ordered the reconfiguration of two municipalities on the border with Tunisia, 10 municipalities of Tipasa and the inclusion of all municipalities in the prefecture of Ouargla. These measures come two days after a similar decision concerning 18 municipalities in Sétif.

Morocco: The city of Tangier, a metropolis with about one million inhabitants in northern Morocco, has been rebuilt since Monday 13 July.

South Africa: A curfew from 9 to 16 has been in place in the country since Monday 13 July.

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