Guardiola defends Manchester City: “We have not done anything wrong”

Manchester City were cleared by CAS to the relief of their boss, Pep Guardiola.

Suspended from European competitions for two years, Manchester City have been suspended. Thanks to the decision of the Arbitral Tribunal for Sport (CAS), the citizens’ club will be able to play in the Champions League next season.

England – Manchester City saved, José Mourinho reassembled

Pep Guardiola was obviously very happy. But this is not the case with competitors José Mourinho or Jurgen Klopp. The Spanish coach responded to his protesters.

“If we had done something wrong, we would have accepted the decision. We have the right to defend ourselves if we think we have done everything within the rules,” shouted Guardiola, while City fined ten million euros.

“It would be nice if the critics could stop, but I do not think it will happen. A lot has been said behind the back in recent years. I invite everyone to tell us in the eyes and continue the field to meet us as rivals. If they “beat us, I congratulate them for being a sport. We can play in the Champions League because we did not do anything wrong,” the former Barça boss added at a press conference.