The IMF calls on Lebanon to agree to the rescue plan

Faced with internal differences that undermine power in Beirut, the International Monetary Fund on Monday called on the Lebanese authorities to agree on the rescue plan drawn up by the government to try to lift the country out of the crisis.

On Monday (July 13), the International Monetary Fund called on the Lebanese authorities to agree on a rescue plan. As internal differences only delay the company, the IMF assures while the country is going through a serious economic and social crisis. “It is very important that the authorities unite around the government’s plan. For our part, we are ready to work with the authorities to improve the plan where it is needed,” said Athanasios Arvanitis, IMF Deputy Director for the Middle East and Central Asia.

Since October-October, the collapse of the Lebanese currency has indeed caused an economic crisis that has driven a movement of protest and questioning of the elites, accused of corruption. Lebanon has been requesting assistance from the IMF since May on the basis of a rescue plan developed by the government.

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Pending call

Lebanese Finance Minister Ghazi Wazni said last week that talks were under way pending the implementation of economic reforms and an agreement on losses for the financial sector. online press, AthanasiosArvanitisa stressed that this disruption only hindered Lebanon’s economic prospects.

“We are also afraid that attempts to reduce the amount of losses and to postpone difficult decisions will only increase the cost of the crisis by delaying the recovery,” he said.

Alain Bifani, director general of the Ministry of Finance and responsible for the negotiations with the IMF, resigned last month and believed that special interests were on the way to counteract the government’s plan.

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