We know why Haaland was thrown out of a nightclub

The reason for Erling Haaland’s muscular expulsion from a Norwegian nightclub has been revealed.

The scene went all over the world. Erling Haaland is kicked back very violently from a Norwegian nightclub.

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The reason ? It is a memo about the safety of the facility concerned that provided it picture.

“The exclusion was not related to the boy’s intoxication or inappropriate behavior. Erling was not intoxicated. The coronavirus regulations required us to take into account the audience that began to surround him. We saw fans who did not leave the place and crowded around him, asking for photos or talking to him. The pressure was so great that we had to ask him to leave. “

Everything can therefore be explained. As a reminder, the player’s father had kindly combed his son on social networks about the incident: “Come on Erling, go back to work. Nightlife is not for you.”