Arsenal-Liverpool (2-1) – Two gifts from the Reds for a successful success for the Gunners

Despite Mané’s opener, Liverpool lost to Arsenal on Wednesday. The mistake with two gifts made to Gunners …

Machine perfectly oiled until containment, Liverpool team seems to have returned rusty from their home. Since the resumption, the Reds are no longer conquerors, as evidenced by this new defeat admitted on the pitch to Arsenal (1-2) on Wednesday, as part of the Premier League’s 36th day. And what can I say along the way …

It’s simple: Liverpool remain capable of the best, like this licked action by Roberston and his midfielder to open the scoring for Mané (20).

Lacazette makes (a lot) the reds

But the Reds now switch with the worst, and they have produced it twice against the Gunners: at the first action, Van Dijk literally offered equalization to Lacazette by missing his back pass.

Alone against Alisson, the French striker was just shaking the nets, and he did (32nd). A warning that was not heard by the men from Jürgen Klopp … Ten minutes later, the Red goalkeeper also missed his raise, directly at the feet of Lacazette, who dropped the ball in the box for Nelson, full of cold blood in front of the cage (44th)!

Arsenal still believe in Europe!

Two goals on two errors, and then nothing for the Gunners, who only hit … three times in the match. Liverpool actually multiplied the offensive thereafter and Arsenal fell back on their 16 meters. A recently crowned tactic against Leicester (1-1).

But this time, Mikel Arteta’s men were able to hold on. Enough to let them take 9th place with 53 points, 3 short lengths from 6th place qualifying for the Europa League, which is currently owned by Wolverhampton.