EU justice cancels € 13 billion refund required from Apple

The EU’s Supreme Court has annulled the Brussels decision on Wednesday, in which the American company Apple is repaid to 13 billion euros, linked to tax refunds to Ireland.

Apple succeeded. The European Union’s second highest court, the court, on Wednesday, July 15, annulled the company’s payment to the apple of more than € 13 billion in tax levies to Ireland, ending the quarrel between the US digital giant and European regulators. “The Court annuls the contested decision because the Commission has failed to demonstrate at the necessary legal level that there was an advantage within the meaning of Article 107 (1) TFEU,” the judges said, referring to the EU competition rules.

The Commission, which is thus suffering a major setback, has in fact failed to demonstrate “the existence of a selective economic advantage”, according to European justice.

Four years ago, the European Commission estimated that Apple had suffered illegal state aid in Ireland, after allowing the US group to drastically reduce the taxes paid for more than two decades.

In a statement, Apple welcomed the ruling of the European Court of Justice. “This case was not about how much taxes we pay, but where we have to pay them. We are proud to be the largest taxpayer in the world, we know the important role tax payments play in companies,” the group said.

Ireland also welcomed this decision. “There has never been any special treatment” for Apple, taxed according to the rules in force in the country, said in a statement the Irish Ministry of Finance.

With AFP and Reuters