Jean Castex’s general policy statement was summarized in ten announcements

In the aftermath of the July 14 interview with Emmanuel Macron, the Prime Minister gave his general political speech in the National Assembly on Wednesday and received widespread confidence from deputies.

Jean Castex, who is expected in turn, was appointed prime minister after the second round of local elections, detailing before the National Assembly, Wednesday, July 15, his roadmap for the coming months, in light of the health crisis and economic.

“Our first ambition, huge [sera de] unite this very different France, weld them or weld them again, “the Prime Minister said in his statement on general policy to the National Assembly and received in the evening a broad confidence in the deputies (345 votes in favor, 177 votes against, 43 abstentions)).

Here are the key announcements (for a detailed version, here) presented by the Prime Minister:

  • Establishment of a High Commission for Planning
  • Fighting unemployment “top priority for the next 18 months”
  • Urban renewal of 300 districts, out of 450 affected, before the end of 2021
  • “Massive reinvestment” of 25 billion euros in public research for the next ten years
  • EUR 40 billion will be spent on industry
  • EUR 6 billion investment in the health system
  • € 20 billion will be devoted to ecology, in particular for thermal renovation of buildings and recycling
  • Revaluation of 100 euros “exceptional” from the school
  • The fight against “radical Islamism in all its forms”, a bill against separatism presented at the beginning of the school year
  • Creation of “proximity judge” to punish “everyday insurmountability”