Mercato – Mandanda wants to end his career at OM

In an interview with Phocaean, Steve Mandanda remembers all the love he had for Olympique de Marseille.

Like many Olympique de Marseille players, Steve Mandanda (35) will be on contract in 2021 and has still not extended his lease with the Marseille side. But the world champion only dreams of one club, the one where he is currently.

I think today everyone knows the importance and love I give to this club. It’s no secret to say yes, I would like to stay and end up here. Let us now see how it will go and how it will develop. There is no pressure, there is no media discussion to do. I am calm, calm, we will see what the future will be like, “Mandanda explained to the specialized site Le Phocéen.

Retirement at 36 years for Mandanda?

In a year, the porter will be 36 years old. A good age to retire? “Honestly, I do not set boundaries, admit the natives of Kinshasa. I do not know how it will happen, how things will develop in the future”, he entrusted the Phocaean, he who has not yet decided.

“The old people always told me that as long as I could play, I had to play, shoot until we could. After that, it is certain that if I see that I am no longer on a par with tomorrow -I will leave, It is certainly “, promised Mandanda, who will try not to make the season too much. In any case, the porter sent a strong message to his management.