part of Catalonia is reconfigured after a legal distance

The city of Lleida and several surrounding municipalities in Catalonia, in northeastern Spain, have been reconfigured due to an important infection center, after violating the law.

While the Spanish legal system on Monday revoked the home reconfiguration of the inhabitants of an area in Catalonia around the city of Lleida, which was ordered on Sunday by the regional authorities, this decision was reversed on Wednesday, July 15.

This region was finally reconfigured due to a large infection center, after it went against the law. Authorities have also urged residents of several neighborhoods in the city of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, a suburb of Barcelona, ​​where Covid-19 cases are on the rise, to avoid leaving their homes.

In the Lleida area, excursions can only go to work, buy food, receive medical treatment or play sports between members of the same household. Almost 160,000 people are affected. This area had already been isolated from the rest of the region on 4 July.

However, the regional government refuses to talk about “home confinement”, as these measures are less restrictive than the extremely strict confinement imposed in Spain at the height of the pandemic.

“People will be able to go for a walk, play sports, all the shops will be open, not just important shops,” a spokeswoman for regional leader Meritxell Budó said on Tuesday.

A legal balance

These measures were the subject of a showdown with the legal system. Following their first announcement on Sunday, the court in Lleida suspended them and forced the regional government to adopt a legislative decree to override them.

Finally, the same court announced Tuesday night to Wednesday that it was green for 15 days and asked regional authorities to be regularly informed about the development of the epidemic.

With more than 28,400 deaths, Spain is one of the European countries most affected by the new coronavirus pandemic.

More than 120 outbreaks of contagion are currently active in the country, prompting many regions such as Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and Andalusia to reinforce the obligatory nature of the mask, which must be worn at all times, under penalty of good, on the street or in closed public spaces. if the safety distance can be respected.

With AFP