Prime Minister Jean Castex to deliver his roadmap to the National Assembly

After Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday, it is the turn of the new French Prime Minister Jean Castex to enter the arena on Wednesday. He is expected at 3 pm at the National Assembly, where he must specify executive intentions when making his general statement.

In connection with Emmanuel Macron’s intervention, Prime Minister Jean Castex on Wednesday, July 15, before the National Assembly, rejected the government’s roadmap for the coming months, which promises to be particularly complicated in light of the health and economic crisis.

Mandatory mask in enclosed spaces from 1yourAugust, industrial and ecological recovery plan, prioritized for young people: by resuming Tuesday with the TV interview on July 14, Emmanuel Macron mentioned several measures, but often without going into detail.

Place Jean Castex to clarify the executive intentions during his statement on public policy, which begins at 3 pm, followed by a two-and-a-half-hour half-hour debate, followed by a vote.

“It’s a meeting with yourself, you have to know the country, both to comply with the head of state’s guidelines and then be aware that you have to do specific and concrete things for ‘We have 600 days’ at the end of the five-year period,” he told Le Figaro.

Revealing training

The text will be read simultaneously by a minister before the Senate. Jean Castex himself will come to the Upper House on Thursday at 10 am. Also at the Luxembourg Palace, the declaration comes, an exercise that traditionally marks the accession of a new government, followed by a debate, but without a vote. The Prime Minister was able to clarify his announcements regarding the territories, to which he pays great attention.

Deputies and senators are waiting impatiently for this exercise which, they hope, will reveal to the Prime Minister, from the right, his method with Parliament and his privileged axes. Even on the side of the majority, deputies ask to be persuaded. During the last two years of the Quinquennium, many believed a “center-left answer” after the departure of Edouard Philippe de Matignon.

In addition, the feeling of fever has received the LREM and MoDem rankings, where some state secretaries should be appointed, probably at the end of the week. In the executive branch, “they all agree to be trusted”, states deputy Matthieu Orphelin, former “walker”.

With AFP