Real Madrid – Da Fonseca’s lyrical flight for Benzema

LaLiga consultant for BeIN Sports, Omar Da Fonseca seems to have fallen in love with Karim Benzema …

There is almost no doubt that Real Madrid are taking over the Spanish champion’s crown at Barça, and Karim Benzema is clearly no stranger to this success. With 19 goals in La Liga this season, the French striker has often torn his team, and Omar Da Fonseca appreciated …

As a LaLiga consultant for BeIN Sports, the former striker is in the front row to follow the operation of KB9. As a general rule, the Argentine made his poetry speak for Lionel Messi, but he made an exception for the Madrid striker.

Benzema plays “in a tuxedo, with shoes that shine”

“He plays the best football of his career. With Cristiano Ronaldo he was an accompanist and the first cello. Today he is a soloist and orchestra director. He is a player who plays in a tuxedo with brilliant shoes”, Da Fonseca said first in an interview with the daily Le Figaro.

“He avoids the duel, the contact and does not have to feel the defender’s breath behind his back. Karim thinks about how he wants and should hit the ball. He wants the ball to be his friend”, finally concluded the consultant for BeIN Sports about Benzema, who will no doubt appreciate this declaration of love.