The unified UAE probe to Mars is launched again

The United Arab Emirates on Wednesday announced a new postponement of the launch of Hope, the first interplanetary mission in the Arab world, due to bad weather.

The Hope probe will have to wait. The United Arab Emirates announced on Wednesday, July 15, a further postponement of the launch to March of its probe due to unstable weather in Japan, from where it was to be launched.

“After lengthy meetings, the United Arab Emirates Space Agency and Mohamed Ben Rached Space Center, after consulting with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, announce a further delay in the launch of the Hope probe, the UAE government said on Wednesday. Twitter.” A new launch date in July will be announced within 24 hours, “the authorities added.

Originally scheduled for Tuesday, the launch of the first Arab space mission to Mars had been rescheduled for Thursday at 08:43 GMT (17:43 Friday in Japan) due to bad weather conditions.

The UAE program is one of three projects underway against the Red Planet, together with Tianwen-1 from China and Mars2020 from the United States, which take advantage of the period when Earth and Mars are closest: almost 55 million miles apart, compared to about 76 million km average.

The probe, called Al-Amal in Arabic or Hope in English, should reach Mars’ orbit in February 2020 and mark 50ethe anniversary of the unification of the United Arab Emirates, an association of seven principals.

Once there, the probe will orbit the planet for an entire Martian year, 687 days. It should be detached from the starter car approximately one hour after starting.

With AFP