this image is a photo montage

A photo that is uploaded more than 3000 times on Facebook shows a group of young people photographed with a sign that you can read: “I do not like white people, it’s Haram” during a demonstration of “Black Lives Matter” in Nantes. But the image has been changed to change the original slogan which was “I do not like pigs, it is haram”.The word “haram” in Arabic means illegal, forbidden. In Islam, it denotes what is forbidden by religion. The image in question was transmitted in particular by internet users near right-wing identity groups to criticize “anti-white racism”, which they say prevails in these demonstrations. It was uploaded almost 3,200 times on Facebook and more than 300 times on Twitter.

However, this photo is graphically modified as explained on the the first photo was taken by a photographer fromOcean Pressduring the event “Black Lives Matter” in Nantes on June 8, 2020. At the first sign we can read: “I do not like pigs, it is haram”.

The unedited photo was taken on June 8 at a Black Lives Matter event in Nantes. Photo Press-Ocean-ST.This is a reference to the slogan “Never liked pigs de haram” is used
at similar protests in England, where the word “pig” refers to politicians.

The southwest Media specifies that the photo caused controversy when it was published on June 9 and pressured Presse-Ocean to withdraw it from its website and social networks, declaring: “in view of the large number of racist comments, even mixed with threats, directed at people in a photo published on Monday in our news feed by PO Direct, we have decided to withdraw this tweet. “