VIDEO – Frank Lampard wants to be ready for the final sprint

The Chelsea coach, 3rd Premier League, intends to best prepare his team to properly approach the end of the championship and qualify for C1.

Swept by Sheffield United (3-0) last Saturday, Chelsea recovered from their emotions on Tuesday night. Winner by the smallest margin against Norwich (1-0), a team that was already relegated to the championship, the Blues have provisionally taken four points ahead of Leicester and Manchester United.

“Prepare and show the right attitude”

While his team has therefore achieved a good operation in the race to qualify for the next Champions League, Frank Lampard was happy after the meeting, but knows how crucial the upcoming deadlines will be. One last sprint is on the way, and Chelsea will be ready.

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“I keep talking about mentality, but I do not like the word battle. When you face Liverpool from home and the Wolves at home, there are two very good opponents, so you have to focus on those matches.” We have to prepare well and show the right attitude, and I think that’s what we did tonight. “, first declared the club’s former honor, before advocating concentration, which must remain on guard to avoid disillusionment.

“These two games will be completely different than tonight. So rather than talking about fighting, I want to talk about focus and attitude and then hopefully we have enough to get through, but it will be difficult,” he said. said Frank Lampard. The excitement is in full swing in the Premier League!