Juventus – Michel Platini sees Diego Maradona and Paulo Dybala

Juventus’ former glory, who scored the same number of goals as the Argentine for the Old Lady, is full of praise for it.

Entered the second half during a draw by Juventus Turin against Sassuolo on Wednesday night (3-3), Paulo Dybala, author of 11 goals in 30 Serie A games played this season, is truly one of the artists actively participating in making football a spectacle. At the age of 26, the Argentine is really known for his technical finesse but also for his individual ability and his surrealistic ball strike. And his exploits delight even the greatest.

“It’s not Platini. It’s more … Maradonesque”

In fact, while Paulo Dybala has a total of 68 goals in 157 Serie A matches with Juventus, the latter has returned to the level of a certain Michel Platini, the club legend, who only needed 147 matches to reach such a total. In the columns of the Gazzetta dello Sport, Michel Platini was invited to talk about the skill of Paulo Dybala. And the least we can say is that the French appreciate the talent of the Argentine attacking midfielder.

“It’s interesting that he liked me. The numbers are one thing, but we are different players. I always try to avoid comparisons, but I can say that he is definitely better than me in one thing: he is 40 years younger … He also get enough goals.I was a midfielder who scored many goals, a team player who guided everyone more than Dybala.It’s not that he does not, but he is a striker. […] It’s not Platini. It’s more … maradonesque “, said Michel Platini, who especially appreciates the duo formed by Dybala and Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo left to stay at Juventus

“Ronaldo is what he is and can not be questioned. We will miss him if he leaves. He is a great champion who wins matches, wins trophies and plays at the highest level for some time now. They are doing well with Dybala”, added the former UEFA president.