Boris Johnson hopes to return to normal “at Christmas”

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced important next steps for deconfinance in his country and says he hopes for a “return to normal already in November, possibly in time for Christmas”.

During a press conference, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was optimistic on Friday 17 July about the development of the health situation ahead of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I sincerely and sincerely hope that we can remove the extraordinary measures” introduced to contain the epidemic “and allow a real return to normal from November at the earliest, perhaps in time for Christmas,” he explained.

With 45,000 dead, Britain is the country hardest hit in Europe by the pandemic, and the Conservative government of Boris Johnson is under fire from critics for its handling of the crisis. To improve the situation, the latter intends to increase screening capacity, with “at least 500,000 tests per day, or 3.5 million per week” by the end of October. It will also set aside a further £ 3 billion (€ 3.3 billion) for the UK Public Health Service (NHS).

Back to the office in August

Boris Johnson also revealed the next steps in his plan to gradually lift England out of the lockdown that was introduced on March 23 to combat the spread of the new coronavirus.

The Conservative leader thus encouraged the British to resume public transport on Friday and urged them to return to their jobs from 1your August and relies on employers to decide whether employees should continue working or return to the office.

On Thursday, however, the government’s scientific adviser, Patrick Vallance, considered teleworking to be a “perfectly good solution” and that there was “absolutely no reason” to change the recommendations in this regard.

Casinos, bowling alleys, ice rinks, beauty salons and showrooms also open at 1your In August, Boris Johnson announced. Schools, colleges and childcare systems will resume full-time employment from September. Autumn will mark the return of weddings of up to 30 people, conferences and stadium events.

However, the Prime Minister specified that this calendar remained “conditional” and exposed to the development of the epidemic. Local authorities in England will be given new powers to quickly impose local restrictions in the event of an outbreak.

“If we continue to stick together as we have done so far, I know we can beat this virus,” said Boris Johnson, adding that “hope for the best case scenario, but prepare for the worst.”

With AFP