Real Madrid – For Ramos “Zidane is the key”

Sergio Ramos covered his coach with praise after Real Madrid’s 34th League title.

The new League won on Thursday night against Villarreal on Thursday night is the 11th title for Real Madrid’s French coach Zinedine Zidane after just 209 matches. An incredible average of one title every eleven matches.

For fonts, “Barça may be the next Milan or United”

It was well praised by Sergio Ramos: “Zidane is the key. We believe in him and his work. Every time he comes, what he touches becomes gold. It is unique, said the Spanish central defender.

The feeling between the two men, who also played together at Real, is mutual.

“Sergio Ramos is our leader, the driving force behind the team. Everyone brings something, but he is our captain. We have four captains with Marcelo, Varane and Benzema. But Sergio Ramos is our referee. I think all Madridists feel very well represented by Sergio. And in all areas, praised Zinedine Zidane.