35 million more Iranians are at risk of being polluted, says Rohani

Iranian President Hassan Rohani said on Saturday that up to 35 million more Iranians could be affected by the coronavirus. The number of hospital admissions could double compared to the last five months. The country seems to be relying on collective immunity to eradicate the virus.

Collective immunity, hope from the Iranian authorities to emerge from the Covid-19 crisis? This is stated in words from President Hassan Rohani on Saturday 18 July. According to him, about 35 million more Iranians are at risk of contracting the coronavirus, while 25 million people may have been infected since the first cases were registered in February. The number of officially registered cases in Iran is 271,606.

“We have not yet achieved collective immunity,” the head of state said during a televised meeting of the National Pandemic Committee, adding that “25 million Iranians can be infected with disease,” according to a report from the Ministry of Health’s research department.

A presidential press secretary said on Twitter a few hours later that “the 25 million” referred to “those who contracted the virus and were granted immunity.”

“We have to assume that 30 to 35 million more people are at risk of infection,” Hassan Rouhani added, and the country must prepare to see the number of hospital admissions double from the last five months, according to the report.

Gregorian immunity

Hassan Rouhani is the first senior Iranian official to appear to indicate that the country relies on the crew’s immunity to eradicate the virus, citing the proportion of people immune to a virus (by infection or vaccine) that must be reached to block the risk of recurrence. of an epidemic.

The report also points out that “out of 1,000 cases of infection 500 show no symptoms”, Rohani said, warning that these people remain the “main challenge” as they “spread the virus more and over a longer period”. than the cases detected.

The development of the Iranian president comes at a time when the new coronavirus seems to be developing since the beginning of May in the country, the most affected by the pandemic in the Near and Middle East.

Sima Sadat Lari, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health, announced on Saturday 188 new deaths from the disease, which means that the total death toll amounts to 13,979.

In view of the recurrence of the disease, the authorities have made masking mandatory in covered public places and reintroduced restrictions in the most affected provinces, including the capital.

The new coronavirus has officially infected nearly 14 million people worldwide since the disease began in China in late 2019. About 588,000 people have died.

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