Barça – Alves: “Messi is the only one who does everything, he needs support”

In an interview with Catalunya Radio, the former Barça right-back returned to Messi recently leased.

“We are an irregular team, slow, with little intensity. We lost many points and today’s game is a summary of the year”. Lionel Messi did not hack his words on Thursday night after the defeat against Osasuna (1-2) and the loss of the La Liga title to Real Madrid.

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The Argentine had already shown a first irritation on the ground after registering an excellent free kick, and if there really is a man who understands “La Pulga”, it really is his former teammate Dani Alves, today “hui in Sao Paulo.

“Messi is the main course, we are the ingredients”

“Leo, he’s a born winner, he does not like to lose. When he loses, it’s normal to get angry, he always wants to win, like me, we want to win at any cost. Him, he really lives. What I see is that it lacks support “, Brazilian responded to Catalunya Radio.

“I always said that Messi was the main course and we were the perfect ingredients to go with him. At the moment I have a feeling that he is the only one who does everything and after a while he is human”, Finished Alves. A man who has his limits, despite enormous talent.