a volunteer from the diocese in custody

A volunteer from the Diocese of Nantes was taken into police custody on Saturday as part of the investigation into the fire in the cathedral of Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul, the prosecutor said on Sunday. The man is questioned about “the conditions for the closure of the cathedral”.

The investigation was quick to start. A few hours after the fire that engulfed the Cathedral of Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul in Nantes, a volunteer from the diocese of Nantes was taken into police custody on Saturday, the prosecutor said on Sunday, July 19.

This man “was responsible for closing the cathedral on Friday night and investigators wanted to clarify certain parts of this person’s schedule,” Pierre Sennès explained. Investigators also want to hear this man “on the terms of closing the cathedral,” the prosecutor added.

The magistrate emphasized that “any interpretation that may involve this person in the facts is premature and hasty”. “We have to be careful with the interpretation of this custody, it is a normal procedure,” he said.

Forensic experts are examining

Asked about the first parts of the investigation, the prosecutor confirmed the arrival on Saturday afternoon by fire experts from the scientific and technical police laboratory. However, they were still waiting for the green light from the firefighters to access the platform where the large organ lay, which was destroyed by flames on Saturday morning. “We hope to be able to do that during the day,” Sennès said.

The fire that affected the Gothic cathedral in Nantes, which was already destroyed in 1972 by a fire that burned its frame, caused a major uproar on Saturday, more than a year after the fire in Notre-Dame de Paris.

With AFP