Tottenham – Mourinho: “People look at me differently”

The Portuguese coach is convinced that he is the target of more criticism than his teammates in the Premier League.

Mourinho inherited a side that dropped to 14th place in the Premier League table when he was called up to replace Mauricio Pochettino in Spurs’ hot seat in November last year.

Since then, Spurs have won 12 of their 24 Premier League appearances under Mourinho, and only Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United have collected more points in the same interval.

Despite this far from infamous record, Mourinho has been the subject of much criticism for his perceived negative style of play and for the rigidity of his tactical line-up in north London.

Mourinho believes that every decision he makes is unfairly scrutinized, as he said Sky Sports : “People look at me with different eyes. I know people expect me to do things you do not expect with many others. I do not read that much, but with some of the questions I get, I have that feeling, yes.

“For example, the day before yesterday, after a match (3-1 victory over Newcastle), the first question was about a player who had not started.

“When a player does not play with other coaches, it is never a problem. They rotate. They make decisions. They leave great players on the bench and everyone looks at them and feels that it is. Is their job. This is how a good team should be be.

“When Tottenham, for the first time this season, for example, have Lucas Moura, Steven Bergwijn, Erik Lamela and Heung-Min Son (all available), I always ask myself who is not playing. So, yes, in some ways I feel a little . “

The 57-year-old manager is convinced that his team is now on the right track to win the awards, as he compared his first months with Tottenham at the beginning of his very successful period in Porto.

“We, the staff and I do internal reviews and we know we are doing a very positive job., he explained. I can compare a bit with my experience in Porto. When I came to Porto in January (2002), this half of the season was really difficult, but it was so important for the preparations for the next one.

“So that’s what I do now and gather knowledge and experience in the club to prepare for the next one.”

Mourinho added the opportunity to join the Spurs squad during the transfer window: “Under normal circumstances, it’s easy to see Tottenham in the top four. Let’s see what the others do. It’s not just about analyzing yourself, but also about being realistic and analyzing your opponents.

“I’m happy with the overall team I have, and I hope we can give a little bit of a hand to improve ourselves and make ourselves better, more competitive, more adapted to my way of thinking with a balance that I” always try find in a team. If we get there, we’ll see. “