Man City v Guardiola: “Bielsa in the Premier League is incredible”

During a press conference, the Manchester City coach said all the good he thought of his Leeds counterpart.

The reunion hour has come. In fact, Pep Guardiola and Marcelo Bielsa will face each other in the Premier League next season. The Catalan technician continues the adventure with Manchester City, while his Argentinian counterpart has reached the urgency of bringing Leeds to the top floor.

A first since the 2011-2012 season, when Guardiola played his last season as coach at Barça, and Bielsa was official at Athletic Bilbao. And if there is one who is happy to meet the other again, it is the former Blaugrana …

Guardiola: “No one can imitate Bielsa”

“I did not play under him as a player so it is difficult to talk about it, but I know the influence he had on the many players who worked with him. the chance to talk to him and I know what the football world will get with his ethics, his behavior, the very special way his team plays “, Guardiola first explained at a press conference.

“No one can emulate him, that’s what makes him so special. Honestly, and that’s just my opinion, it will be great for English football to be in the Premier League and learn by watching its team develop”, Guardiola concluded. City-Leeds, an event not to be missed next season!