British MEPs demand an inquiry into the Brexit campaign

Britain on Tuesday released a parliamentary report on possible Russian interference, including in the 2016 referendum campaign that led to Brexit, among icy relations between London and Moscow. The Kremlin immediately denied the allegations.

Members of the Parliamentary Intelligence Committee (ISC) said on Tuesday, July 21, that the British government should investigate Russian involvement in the 2016 Brexit referendum campaign and present a report on Russia’s influence on politics in Britain.

The 55-page report concludes that Russian influence in Britain is “the new normal” and that this situation has been “seriously underestimated”. “There should have been an assessment of Russian interference in the referendum. There must be one, and the results of this assessment must be made known to the public,” said Labor MP Kevan Jones, a member of the committee. .

This publication comes in a stormy climate between London and Moscow and during a visit to the British capital by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Last Thursday, the United Kingdom thus implicated “Russian actors” in interference during the parliamentary elections in December last year. In question, the dissemination on the Internet of documents relating to the negotiations between London and Washington on a future post-Brexit trade agreement.

With AFP