Dani Ceballos: “The truth is I’m happy at Arsenal”

Borrowed from Arsenal by Real Madrid, the Spaniard wants to continue the adventure with the Gunners.

He is no longer part of Zinédine Zidane’s plans at Real Madrid and is much appreciated by Mikel Arteta at Arsenal. On paper, Dani Ceballo’s near future seems to be mapped out. Borrowed by Real Madrid for the Gunners, the Spaniard does not yet know where he will develop next season.

“The truth is I’m happy at Arsenal”

So, go back to the Spanish capital or stay in the British capital? As can be seen from his recent statements, his personal choice has already been made: he wants to stay in London. “The truth is I’m happy at Arsenal. It’s a club where I already have a year of experience, so it would be easy for me to come back. I would not have to adapt to a new club or a new league. I think that it would be a good solution for me, but my future depends on Real Madrid and I still do not know what their decision is “, the attacking midfielder said in an interview with Sky Sports on Monday.

Real Madrid, award for Ceballos

“After the season we have to stay calm. I will have to go back to Madrid and it is up to them to make a decision about me, because I still have a three-year contract. When I know their decision, j” will discuss it with those around me and we will see what is best for me for the coming year “, then added the Spaniard. One thing is for sure, if he were to leave Arsenal, his stent with the Gunners would have been quite a success.