In South Africa, an application to deliver to townships

A South African startup is marketing cities, abandoned by traditional delivery companies for security reasons. A blessing for local restaurateurs who have seen their presence drop due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Launched in 2018, the South African Order Kasi app explodes due to Covid-19 pandemic. Protected for a long time thanks to strict containment, South Africa recently became the fifth most affected country in the world by the pandemic and has introduced strict barrier measures.

If restaurateurs blame it and see their terraces abandoned, the application created by entrepreneur Leon Qwabe allows them to reach more customers. Although traditional delivery applications avoid townships, poor neighborhoods inherited from apartheid, Order Kasi makes them the heart of its strategy.

“I tried to find out why there were no deliveries in the townships. This is explained by the uncertainty,” explains the founder. “We looked for solutions and realized that in the end our business is not the application itself but rather getting food directly to the customer,” he explains. sententiously.