madness or media stunt?

A declared candidate for the White House since July 5, rapper Kanye West gave his first meeting on Sunday, without raising doubts about his real motives. Several experts doubt the seriousness of the presidential campaign.

Simple madness with more than Kanye or real presidential project? Between the bulletproof vest, his tears and his anti-abortion committee, Kanye West’s first public outing as a candidate for the US presidency went around the world on Sunday, July 19, without asking questions about his seriousness or his real motives.

“Ye” – one of the nicknames for this problem with music and fashion – has probably turned down some campaign axes on a local radio station in Charleston, South Carolina, where his first public meeting took place with, at the top of the list, “connection to the faith and to our religious heritage “. But no strong message emerges compared to Donald Trump’s surprise candidacy in 2015, which was then also new in politics.

But if he had a clear line, “he would have a chance to turn what is a farce into a campaign that counts,” said Robert Yoon, a professor of journalism at the University of Michigan and an election campaign expert.

Missing votes for Joe Biden?

Technically, Kanye West has no chance of being elected president, as registrations are already closed in Texas and Florida, two major states for the November presidential election.

In addition, if he is registered in Oklahoma, his team would not have submitted by Monday at 10,000 signatures required to register in South Carolina, AFP confirmed a spokesman for the State Electoral Commission, which also disqualifies him there.

For Robert Yoon, this does not mean that everything is already over for him or that he can not get any valuable votes from the Democratic candidate Joe Biden. “With his personal resources, his visibility and his proven ability to attract media attention, he can be a wildcard in enough places to influence the survey,” warns academics.

“I think there will be one smaller player in the race, admit that there is even one,” said Jeffrey McCune, a professor at Washington University in St. Louis. Louis, Missouri.

This teacher, who gave a course on Kanye West, is more interested in how this rapper, the ingenious event, can shake up the political discourse. But he is also worried about seeing the political and media scene occupied by two candidates, Kanye West and Donald Trump, “inconsistent to the point of preventing any substantive debate”.

A symptom of these bipolar disorders?

Others fear that his candidacy is a new sign of the bipolar disorder the artist is suffering from.

The leading music producer, uniquely designed rapper, became a billionaire thanks to his Yeezy shoes for Adidas, Kanye West is a landmark designer for the past twenty years. But he was also noted for several disturbing episodes, such as his inconsistent monologue that lasted several minutes in the Oval Office in front of a stupid Donald Trump, in October 2018.

It was also her comments that called slavery a “choice” for African Americans in May 2018. Or her statements on Sunday that anti-slavery hero Harriet Tubman “never really freed the slaves.”

Kanye West “lost his mind”, tweeted historian Kate Clifford Larson, author of a book about Harriet Tubman, “Bound for the Promise Land”.

A relative of his wife, Kim Kardashian West, told People magazine that the reality star feared it was another bipolar episode. She revealed in 2019 that Kanye West refused to take drugs to regulate his behavioral problems and believed that it would weaken his creative energy.

On Monday night, the 43-year-old artist published a series of mysterious messages, in which he accused his wife in particular of wanting to detain him after his public release on Sunday.

There is still the possibility that behind all this hides a new marketing before the launch of a new album, “Donda”, was announced on Friday.

“I imagine people are wondering if the talk about his campaign is equivalent to his rap. And boom, sales!” Laughs Jeffrey McCune. “I imagine it’s not that simple (…) but after all, the provocative side made it possible to enrich it.”

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