SNCF will experiment with taking temperature in stations

SNCF will experiment during the summer with a device to take the temperature of TGV customers, before boarding and on a voluntary basis, as part of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

SNCF will install five “health terminals” at Gare de Lyon in Paris. Placed upstream of boarding, they will allow experiments from Tuesday, July 21, to take the temperature of travelers taking TGV using a thermal camera as part of the fight against the pandemic from Covid19.

No control will be introduced and the device will be purely experimental. The idea is to “check under real conditions the fluidity of boarding a TGV Inoui train when installing a temperature control,” SNCF explained.

Volunteer passengers must stand for four seconds in front of the terminal to take their temperature. The value is not displayed on the device and data is not stored.

No ban on taking the train.

In the event of a temperature above 38.5 degrees, SNCF agents will be notified and will approach the traveler “once the boarding gates have passed”, the company said.

They will provide him with a new surgical mask, a dose of hydroalcoholic gel and remind him of the barrier gestures. If the customer wants to postpone or cancel their trip, an exchange or cancellation free of charge will be possible, but there will be no ban on taking the train.

The experiment does not improve well for the establishment of such a device in the future. The goal is to prepare if such checks are requested by the government in the event of a second wave of the Covid-19 epidemic, the director of Voyages SNCF, Alain Krakovitch told AFP.

“We would not understand that we are not ready in the event of a new crisis,” he said, stressing that such checks were already being carried out at airports in France or at train stations abroad.

Alain Krakovitch urges travelers to “play along” and wants as many participants as possible “as part of the fight against the pandemic” even though “it is obviously on a voluntary basis”. Passengers who use the affected trains are systematically informed in advance of their journey via SMS or e-mail.

“Health Terminals” will be tested “during the summer” at three Parisian stations. After Gare de Lyon, the system will be extended from 5 August to Gare de l’Est and Gare Montparnasse.

With AFP