Bielsa in the Premier League, “incredible for English football” according to Guardiola

The Manchester City coach is happy to see Marcelo Bielsa advance to the Premier League next season and expects a show!

He came very close last season. He has succeeded this season. After two years at Leeds, Marcelo Bielsa will discover the Premier League. The Argentine has managed to push the Championship team up in the elite of British football. To the delight of his many fans.

“Unbelievable for English football that it is in the Premier League”

In fact, Marcelo Bielsa is very popular with purists, who regard the man who has the nickname El Loco as a phenomenon. His character, his personality and especially the offensive and aggressive style that his team suggested were arguments that appeal to his advantage, especially since his stint at the Olympique de Marseille. So many are looking forward to seeing Leeds play in the Premier League next season. This is especially the case with a certain Pep Guardiola.

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“I had the chance to talk to him and I know what the football world will get with his ethics, his behavior, the special way his team plays. No one can emulate him, that’s what makes it so special. Honestly, and this “is just my opinion, it will be great for English football to be in the Premier League and learn by watching their teams play”, The Manchester City coach told a press conference. A beautiful tribute to the one he considers his mentor.