Cédric Chouviat was the victim of a “rear strangulation”, according to IGPN

A document from IGPN reveals that a police officer carried out a “rear strangulation” on Cédric Chouviat, who died two days after this police check. The suspect was charged with “manslaughter”.

This is a new twist in the case of Cédric Chouviat. The National Inspectorate of National Police (IGPN), which is responsible for the investigation into the death in January of Cédric Chouviat during a stormy road check, believes that one of the police officers exercised a “rear choke” on the supplier just before his suffocation, according to elements known to AFP on Wednesday. July 22nd.

In a briefing about the investigation dated June 17 and which was revealed on Tuesday by Release and media Party, IGPN investigators believe that “after Chouviat repeatedly called him a” puppet “and announced his intention to file a complaint against him,” the coach “had taken him to the ground mainly through a rear choke, according to sources.

Asphyxia with “laryngeal fracture”

This policeman was accused of “manslaughter” like two other members of the crew, while a policewoman was placed under intermediate status as an assistant witness.

Cédric Chouviat, a 42-year-old delivery man, felt unwell on January 3 near the Eiffel Tower during this police check during which he was fastened to the ground with his helmet on.

He was taken to hospital in critical condition and died on 5 January. According to the first parts of the autopsy revealed by the Paris prosecutor’s office, the doctors in this man found suffocation with “fracture of the larynx [ainsi qu’] a previous cardiovascular condition. A legal investigation was launched.

As this summary reminds us, very soon after the start of his arrest, Cédric Chouviat repeatedly confirmed “I suffocate” – words that the police say they did not hear.

Help contacted after “a floating period”

However, IGPN noted that it was only “at the end of a relatively long period of hesitation”, after “awareness of Mr. Chouviat’s discomfort”, that the police contacted “rescue, stand-alone and relaxation of the injured, then performed a heart massage in his favor” . For this heart massage, the delay is estimated at three minutes.

In their first intervention report, dated the day of the incident and signed by the policewoman in the name of the four crew members, the police did not mention this “rear choke”.

They also wrote that after “noticing” that CédricChouviat’s face had turned “blue”, they “immediately” removed the cuff, his helmet and gave first aid.

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