European recovery plan: “Thank you?”

On the front page of the press, on Wednesday 22 July, the reactions from European diaries to the recovery plan that ended yesterday with twenty-seven, to try to get out of the crisis caused by Covid-19. The publication, also yesterday, in the UK, of a parliamentary report criticizing the lack of reactions from recent British governments to Russian interference, especially during Brexit. And a song that encourages you to hide yourself …

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In front of the European press, reactions to the recovery plan that ended yesterday by the 27 to try to get out of the crisis caused by Covid-19.

€ 750 billion set aside in the form of grants or loans, a debt amalgamation, which is the result of the “historic compromise” mentioned on the front pages of many European newspapers this morning – especially in Italy, where He manifests speaks of “a victory for Angela Merkel”, although the German Chancellor referred to the “painful concessions” she said were made to funding research, health and energy transition. On the whole, the Italian press rather expresses its satisfactionIl Foto Quotidiano: “Giuseppe Conte, President of the Italian Council and his allies, won the match”.

“A bitter-tasting agreement”: on the side of so-called “thrifty” countries, the Austrian daily The Press considers that the “compromise” found can satisfy each of the 27 Member States, despite the “setbacks” that he says have led to budgetary constraints and the fight against climate change. Mixed reaction also in the Netherlands, there By Volkskrant Welcomes the perseverance of the Dutch Prime Minister, who fought against the principle of subsidy: “Mark Rutte’s struggle in Europe was not beautiful, but it was understandable”, writes daily, about the weak guarantees offered, according to him, about the requested reforms, in exchange for the granted billions.

The German press seems more satisfied. The Rheinische Post welcomes the “new impetus” for Europe that the recovery plan would provide and expresses its relief to see Europeans succeed in overcoming “national egoisms”. Departments overcome? Far from it, according to The world, Cited by International post. “This marathon of negotiations sounds like the death of a Europe that was an illusion,” the newspaper claims. “The negotiations, which have sunk into disputes and accusations, show how deep the gaps are and that the states of the Union no longer agree on what the European project should be.” This feeling is shared across the channel, where the designer Blower, for The Daily Telegraph, shows Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron and EU leaders trying to cover the Union’s shortcomings with banknotes.

The German Chancellor and the French President have shown their solidarity. In France, this attitude satisfies echoes : “Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron won their venture”, the newspaper writes, but acknowledges that both “must give up a lot to frugal countries”. “Thank you very much”: “Thank you”, title Release at Goethe. The paper welcomes “Angela Merkel’s face on mutual debt sharing”, which would have enabled “a historic agreement that paved the way for a federalisation of the Union”.

Also on the front page, yesterday, in the UK, a parliamentary report criticizing the British Government’s inaction in the face of Russian interference. “David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson, all ignored the threat” Welcome to London “, fumed Subway, settle against the “scandal (from these successive governments) which has become the eye of interference” from Moscow, laundering of the money of the Russian oligarchs in Britain and their affiliation with certain members of the House of Lords. “A report finds no evidence of Russian involvement in the Brexit referendum, as the government (by Boris Johnson), despite the warnings, has not yet bothered to investigate it,” Bitter writes. The independent.

We do not leave each other on this. Le Figaro reports that the mythical Compagnie Créole has decided to visit the no less mythical “Au bal masqué”, to help “make a mask less painful” – I recommend that you listen carefully …

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