PSG – “Neymar is crazy, and he knows it”, laments the Celtic boss

Scoring against Celtic (4-0), Neymar did not have an attitude to the taste of the opposing coach Neil Lennon.

The youngest supporters of Paris Saint-Germain often worry about the following question: “Who do you prefer between Neymar and Mbappé?”. But it will not be necessary to ask the question to Celtic Glasgow coach Neil Lennon, who is swept by the capital’s club on a pleasant (0-4) Tuesday.

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The Scottish coach easily recognizes the talent of the Brazilian and his team, to whom he predicts many victories, but he did not appreciate the behavior of the former Barcelona, ​​guilty in his eyes because he wanted to provoke his men.

“He was just trying to curse us”

“He’s crazy, but he knows it. He was just trying to make us awkward. So I told the players to keep their discipline and not take the bait.”, Neil Lennon told the Daily Record, before raising the case of Mbappé.

“I’m a big fan of Mbappé, because I think he’s fantastic. Both in terms of goal and speed”, this time the coach of Celtic. As a reminder, Neymar scored a goal and delivered an assist against the Scots.