Coronavirus – Fuenlabrada’s team causes heated controversy in Spain

Fuenlabrada made the trip to Corunna despite the discovery of a positive fall in the workforce. On arrival: three more positive tests.

Candidate for the increase in La Liga, the team of Fuenlabrada, which plays in the Spanish second division, would face Coruna on Monday. Finally, this meeting was postponed until July 30. And for good reason, several positive cases of coronavirus have been detected in Fuenlabrada, forcing the authorities to postpone the match.

“Before a cluster turned out the team would not travel on Monday”

But the controversy has been lively in Spain in recent hours, while the team at the top of the table has not respected the current health protocol. The Spanish government, through the Superior Sports Council (CSD), actually criticized the Fuenlabrada team, which still made the trip to Corunna despite the discovery of a positive case on Saturday 18 July at 10:30 pm In addition, the team did not inform the authorities about the discovery of this positive case.

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“Fluid communication should have been established with the health authority, estimates the equivalent of the Ministry of Sports. In addition and more serious consequences, the club and La Liga knew on Sunday at 10:30 that there were three positive tests of More”, then wrote the Superior Council of the spots, very reassembled.

“Before a cluster appeared, the team would not travel on Monday, as a basic precautionary principle, including in the event that the PCR tests performed on Sunday were negative. A serious mistake was made in making this trip: those who had taken the test on Monday morning had to remain isolated until they knew the result “, finally accuses the instance of the Spanish team. Poor handling of events that can be very costly in terms of health.