French soldier killed in battle with armed groups in Mali

A French soldier was killed on Thursday in Mali during a clash with armed groups, the Elysee announced on Thursday. The soldier came from the First Regiment with parachutes from Tarbes.

A French soldier was killed on Thursday morning in Mali, “during the fighting against armed terrorist groups,” Elysee said. Two other soldiers were wounded, the defense minister added in a statement.

The conflict occurred in the Gossi region, 150 km west of Gao, in central Mali, the ministry said. “His unit jumped into contact with a suicide vehicle loaded with explosives,” he adds.

The deceased soldier, Tojohasina Razafintsalama, belonged to Tarbe’s 1st Parachute Regiment. He died “during the fighting against armed terrorist groups, following the launch of an improvised explosive device as his armored vehicle passed by,” the Elysee press release said.

The President “bowed with deep respect for the sacrifice of this soldier, who died in the line of duty in the service of France.”

Emmanuel Macron also praised “the commitment, courage and determination of our soldiers deployed in the Sahel and renew their full confidence in them for the success of their mission.”

The French army has been involved in Mali since January 2013 with Operation Serval since 2014 from across the Sahel as part of the Barkhane mission. More soldiers and those involved in the ranks of the French army lost their lives there, mainly in Mali.

With AFP