“mother’s walls” to protect the protesters

The “Black Lives Matter” movement is not dead. The exact opposite. In Portland, in the western United States, mothers are mobilized to form a “wall of mothers,” literally: a “wall of mothers,” to protect protesters from the attacks of federal agents, sent by Donald Trump.

“Mamma mur”, in French “mur demamans”. Not necessarily what kind of wall Donald Trump had imagined. But in recent days, a group of mothers of American families have attracted the attention of the entire country. As Black Lives Respond protests continue in Portland, Oregon to condemn police violence, mothers wearing yellow T-shirts and wearing bicycle helmets march in the front line and form a living wall to protect protesters from state officers.

President Trump lowered those who relax local authorities and sent federal agents to the rebel city to protect public buildings. Far from admiring the mood, the presidential decision only created tension and galvanized the movement that began to run out of steam.

Trapped in a vice, between on the one hand, the protesters ready to fight and the tear gas jets, the American “mothers” are trying to avoid the worst. “Our wall is not concrete, but it will protect against rubber bullets. We are simply trying to protect each other,” explains one of them to France’s 24 special envoy, LoïcPialat.

Do not pay attention

Together they sing peaceful slogans such as “Hands up, please do not shoot me” (“My hands are in the air, do not shoot me”). There is no question for them to attract the attention of the media: they only want to earn one thing, the “Black Lives Matter” movement. On Wednesday, the leaders of the anti-racist movement asked them to avoid talking to the press.

For the past sixty days, thousands of protesters have gathered in Portland every night. Collisions systematically break out with federal agents. Men deployed by the Department of Homeland Security – a body created to prevent a repeat of the September 11, 2001 attacks – use tear gas, rubber bullets or stun grenades to disperse the crowds. On the side of the police, we condemn illegal acts on the part of the protesters who throw stones and bottles in the direction of the police, even blinded by laser torches.

Usually a night in Portland begins with rallies and marches in arteries where companies protect their stores with boards and ends with clashes, protesting clubs or targets for tear gas.