VIDEO – For Solskjaer, they compensated Gea for it

The Manchester United coach had a few words for his goalkeeper David de Gea on Wednesday night, after a draw against West Ham (1-1).

“It will not be a press conference to put David de Gea on trial. We will just stick together. David is mentally strong enough to know that his job is to train and be ready for games.”, Ole Gunnar Solskjær said at a press conference on Tuesday.

“He showed today that he can stay focused”

It must be said that the Manchester United goalkeeper had been heavily criticized across the channel for his performance against Chelsea, in the semi-finals of the cup. In poor form, the Spaniard is struggling to regain his previous level, but was reassuring on Wednesday night, during the draw that the Red Devils allowed against West Ham (1-1).

MU-West Ham (1-1) – Before Leicester, the Red Devils do not calm down

As a result, the Norwegian coach took the opportunity to address a few words to him at a press conference after the match and showed his confidence in his goalkeeper. “Everyone is hurt by what happened on Sunday (the loss to Chelsea in the cup), we lost the match, our pride is damaged, our professionalism. Every time you lose a game, you want to go back to it as quickly as possible and ride that you can do better. It’s the same for David De Gea. He has shown today that he can stay focused “, explained the club’s past glory. David De Gea must be flat again against Leicester on the last day.