Lampard and Klopp, the explanation after Liverpool-Chelsea

The two techniques had an oral change during the match between Chelsea and Liverpool.

The two men had a change during the meeting between the Reds and the Blues (5-3) on Wednesday. Jurgen Klopp did not avoid the subject after the match in front of the English media.

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“What he has to learn is to stop at the final whistle. He did not. Talking after that is not good. Frank has to learn it. He has a lot. Time to learn, because he is a young coach,” said the German. .

At a press conference last Friday, Frank Lampard in turn returned to this incident: “I saw the video and I regret the language used because I know these things are repeated on a loop on social networks … But I do not regret that I “had a passion for defending my team, no. I might have succeeded differently,” lamented the former Blues player.

“They can celebrate every goal … I would have had a beer with Jürgen Klopp after the match very well, but there were things on the bench, not from Klopp, which I thought were over the top. I regret the language, but we will go further, ”Lampard added.