PSG-ASSE, Denis Bouanga: “We believe in it, Rennes did well last year”

Denis Bouanga, ASSE’s main offensive asset, is approaching the final of the Coupe de France against PSG with a firm belief in the green chances.

The best player in AS Saint-Etienne last season, Denis Bouanga needed just a few weeks to adapt to his new colors. Gabonese with 10 goals in the league last season has been stopped by the crisis linked to coronavirus and has every intention of resuming competition in the same event. And it starts this Friday night, with a Coupe de France final against PSG. A dream for Denis Bouanga.

“We believe in it, Rennes did well last year”

“Damn, I’m going to make a Coupe de France final … It’s magic! I’ve always wanted to make a final, it’s going to be my first at the Stade de France. Whether it’s closing doors or with our supporters, we give maximum, even if it’s true that it’s boring without them. We have to get used to it and try to win it. We believe in it, Rennes did well last year. Did not score during the preparation, I prefer to score in the final than in a friendly “, the attacking midfielder explained in the columns of the regional daily newspaper Le Progrès. If he still has not scored in a friendly match, the former FC Lorient is very attentive. But he claims to have the lead at AS Saint-Etienne.

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“Maybe my advisers have had contacts but I am focused on my preparation. At the moment I feel from Saint-Etienne. I am still on contract, I feel good here, there are my friends, my family. I was sent to Rennes and I was not the one who went there. I have a final to play and I saw that on August 23 we started the championship in Marseille. I focus on that “, added Denis Bouanga. As a reminder, the green supervisor is estimated at around EUR 15 million.