In Nice, Jean Castex multiplies the messages of “proximity” security

Prime Minister Jean Castex visited Nice on Saturday on the issue of insecurity, announcing the launch of an experiment on “expanding the skills of the municipal police”, insisting on strengthening the “accession” measure.

“The only valid law is the Republican law and the rule of law”: visit to Nice, Jean Castex demonstrated, Saturday 25 July, his determination to fight insecurity and announced measures of “proximity”, including the experimentation of expanding the powers of the municipal police.

In addition to the Ministers of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, and the Minister of Justice, Éric Dupond-Moretti, the Prime Minister also announced, during a speech in the prefecture, the generalization at the beginning of the school year with fixed fines for drug use. According to the Prime Minister, it should allow “fighting against the outlets that plague the districts”.

The three members of the government had previously walked through one of these drug-affected neighborhoods: the one from Les Moulins, where shots had broken out in broad daylight on Monday in front of a supermarket.

There, the head of government was arrested by the residents. “Why do we drink? Why are traffickers released so quickly?” Veronique, 40, told him.

“Justice has been neglected for too long,” the Prime Minister admitted in his speech a little later:e century philosopher (Italian) Cesare Beccaria. The state, in the absence of sufficient funds, allowed the uncertainty to deploy. “

“Security is also about, and above all, proximity”

To address this, Jean Castex announced that another 150 jobs would be created by the end of 2020 to “strengthen the local criminal measure for the repression of everyday criminal acts”. “Security is also and above all proximity,” the prime minister continued: “Ministers will redistribute resources on the ground for local justice and the day-to-day policing.”

He particularly welcomed the actions of the mayors and gave satisfaction to his host for the day, Christian Estrosi (LR), a constant supporter of such a measure, by announcing the forthcoming experiment in Nice to increase the competence of the municipal police. .

“It is up to us to prove that this trust is well placed”, immediately welcomed Christian Estrosi, who also announced the recruitment of another 80 municipal police officers.

Another satisfaction for the elected official: 60 police officers will soon be deployed in the capital Côte d’Azur, announced Jean Castex, the city police hotel project, which brings together national and municipal police forces, “will benefit from the credits in the school recovery plan”, and the establishment of a new facility with 650 seats “will be a priority”, indicated for the AFP flight to Sägarens Keeper.

“Stop the slavery of a certain part of society”

“We are witnessing a crisis of authority. We must stop the slavery of a certain part of society. We must confirm the authority of the state and not let go of anything,” Gerald insisted before the visit. Darmanin in an interview with Le Figaro. Already arrived in the Riviera capital on Thursday, the interior minister had assumed the same state of war by promising to “bend those who want to bend the republic”.

From its general statement on 15 July, Castex had promised “a firm and uncompromising response” to “unacceptable facts troubling French”, citing several new passages, including the violence committed in Dijon or the “contemptuous attack” on a Bayonne bus driver.

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The head of state, Emmanuel Macron, hit the nail on the head on Tuesday by making sure he would be “unsurpassed” on incivilities, especially given the police and firefighters.

Jean Castex, who had booked one of his first field trips to a police station in La Courneuve (Seine-Saint-Denis) eagerly awaits these topics, which offer an approach to resistance on the left and right, criticism of the executive strategy on sovereign issues .

On Saturday, during his visit, the body of a young man, probably killed by stabbing, was discovered in common areas in another sensitive district of Nice, Ariane. And in Nîmes, it was a photo shoot, no doubt a solution of points, that left one dead and three injured during the night from Friday to Saturday.

With AFP