Liverpool – Salah leaves doubts about his future

The Egyptian striker just wants to “take advantage of the moment” after the red crowning of the week in the Premier League.

Mohamed Salah admitted he was uncertain about his future at Liverpool after the Red Premier League triumph. Egypt International has another three-year contract at Anfield.

Although the 28-year-old international refuses to reveal anything about his plans for the future, he has done little to stop ongoing speculation in an interview with LA FM Colombia.

Asked about his ambitions as he enters the next phase of his career, Salah replied: “I just want to take advantage of today and enjoy the present! No one knows the future and what will happen. Let’s see what will happen.

“But when we win the Champions League, we win the Premier League, I’m happy. Let’s see what happens in the future, but I’m very happy to win and win these trophies.”

The ex-Roma wing continued to praise Jurgen Klopp for making Liverpool a trophy challenger, while insisting that the decision to collaborate with the German project at Anfield three years ago was a simple decision. to take.

“There are no secrets. I do not believe in secrets in football. I only believe in work, sometimes the mentality has to change.”, Sa Salah.

“Since [Klopp] came here, the first thing he tried to do was change the mindset of the players for a winner mindset. He has done well in this area. I came here and he told me the plan for everything and I was happy to come. We’re doing it right. “

Salah added his individual performance this season: “I still play in the same position as a linebacker. I have never played as a forward before. But the number of goals between this season and last season is not that far.

“Last season in the Premier League I scored 22 goals. This season [jusqu’à présent] I got 19. A game, I could do a hat-trick and it would be 22! I see no difference. “