EUR 30 billion set aside for ecology

Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire confirmed on Sunday in the JDD that 30 billion euros will be spent on the ecological transition, on 100 billion of the plan to revive the French economy, which will be presented by the government on 24 August.

Thirty billion euros should be devoted to the ecological transition within the recovery plan, which in its entirety will ensure the “decolonization” of the economy, said Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire in an interview, published in Sunday newspaperdated July 26th.

“With (Minister for Ecological Transition) Barbara Pompili, we propose to set aside 30 billion euros of the 100 billion planned for investments in ecological transition,” he told JDD. “We will ensure that all recovery decisions benefit a new growth model based on decarburization, energy softness and green innovations. The recovery plan will be a green plan,” he added.

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Three sectors will be “prioritized: energy renovation, transport and energy”, with the first renovation of private buildings through increased funding from MaPrimeRénov ‘system.

JDD asked the Minister of Economic Affairs whether the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions linked to the recovery plan had been quantified.

“We have a 30% reduction in CO emissions2 over ten years for our industry “, the Minister simply answers.” This course is currently out of reach. To achieve this goal, we will help the most polluting industrial areas to reduce their emissions. “We will provide a first list of these places by the end of August,” he says. The follow-up of this goal will be transparent. It will be based on a rigorous and quantified assessment “, the Minister added.

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Ten billion euros more

When it comes to jobs, the green recovery “in the long run, it can count in the hundreds of thousands everywhere in our territories”, says Bruno Le Maire. According to him, “in order for the ecological transition to be accepted by all French people, it must create jobs. We will therefore start a training process so that our choices in new industrial sectors are translated into new jobs.”

In his general political speech to the National Assembly on July 15, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced an amount of 20 billion for ecology. The other three main components of the € 100 billion recovery plan, which will be presented to the Council of Ministers on 24 August, concern the development of industry (€ 40 billion), skills (€ 20 billion) and solidarity. (20 billion). In his interview with JDD, Bruno Le Maire does not state where the 10 billion added to the component of the ecological transition will be taken.

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