Emmanuel Macron sets up compensation for police officers who work at night

During a surprise trip Monday night to a police station in Paris, the president of the republic announced the payment of a “specific contribution” to the police force working at night and responded to the demands expressed by the unions.

After oral support, it is time for concrete measures. In connection with a surprise trip to two Paris police stations, President Emmanuel Macron announced on the evening of Monday 27 July that a “specific contribution” for police personnel working at night will be paid in the amount of 10 million. euro, reports a press release from the Ministry of the Interior.

It “aims in particular to support increased difficulty linked to night work and the transition to work cycles that increase the police presence in the field,” the press release said. “The cost of this compensation will be recognized in the financial statements for 2021.”

This is one of the demands made by the police unions during their meeting with Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin on 20 July.

During this interview, the unions emphasized the lack of resources and estimated that the additional EUR 75 million allocated to renew and green the fleet of police and gendarmerie vehicles received under the revised 2020 budget proposal was not enough. Ministers and union representatives have planned to meet again in August to continue discussions.

A visit to support agents in the field

During his surprise visit, the President of the Republic spent almost two hours with the police, accompanied by Gérald Darmanin, Deputy Minister Marlène Schiappa and Police Chief Didier Lallement, said Elysee.

The head of state got into a car from Bac Nuit Paris Nord, based in the 17th arrondissement, and then went to the 18th arrondissement policy where he met police.

Emmanuel Macron wanted to thank and support the agents for their commitment on the ground but also to remind them of their “requirement of duty”, Elysee specified. He also wanted to focus on the daily police.

Emmanuel Macron’s gesture extends his government’s statements against insecurity, following several violent incidents, including the attack by a bus driver, shots fired at a firefighter and clashes between Czechs and residents of the Dijon neighborhood. Its Prime Minister Jean Castex had already on Saturday announced several initiatives against insecurity and the forthcoming experiment in Nice on the expansion of the municipal police.

With AFP